About me

There are no artists who haven’t suffered ~ Jordan B Peterson

This one got her fair share of childhood trauma before she even got to elementary school. Therefore I started drawing in 3rd class to get away from teachers evil eyes, kept drawing until today. Topics were mostly animals when I was little, Star Wars when I was older. Because I was draing all the time, I got even more troubled by teachers.

In 2001 I got an education as a graphic designer, which lasted until 2004. Tumbling around blind in life for the next few years until 2009, when I decided to study computer science. Besides gaming and reading up on the internet, I found myself unable to establish a portfolio.

Got diagnosed with depression, adhd schizoid personality disorder and schizotypal personality type. It will never be easy to fit in, but I’ll just try harder.

At the end of 2017, I changed my diet to Keto. In January 2018 most importantly I went full carnivore when I felt it helping a lot. After walking about 500 km of the camino trail I found myself begpacking. I went back home and went all in with getting a job and putting more work in my art.

The job lasted until march 2019. Since then I’ve started cultivating the angel images that you can see here today.