I’d like you to draw something for me

The A4 Pricing List – Will be updated with a real A4 soon – Let me know if you would like me to use another format.

Sketch: A4 = 30€
Done in lead pencil
sketch and reinforced lineart = 40€
Lineart & Shading = 60€
Lineart, Shading, 1 Colour = 90€
The colour is done in traditional water colour (aquarelle colours)
full colour = 110€
full colour & reinforced lines = 130€
Overlayed lines are done in sharpies of different scales
Digitally Enhanced = 240€
added lights and shades, cleanup of impurities, cut out if fitting the style
The Original = 460€I will send you the original Work via snail mail

The Licenses and multipliers – how I make up the prices

The thingThe DescriptionThe price
The WorkDepending on the format the work is done inSee prices in tables above, ask for prices in other formats
Personal useYou may print for your own personal use, poster in your room, t-shirt, etc. No extra pricing
General useYou may present the work on your non-commercial website with giving creditNo extra pricing
Commercial use - one timeone time use (eg. for your Tattoo Artist, or passing it on to another artist)price + 0.2 %
Commercial use - printuse regional, national, europe, internationalprice + 0.1, 0.3, 1.0 or 2.5
Commercial use - product lifetimehow long do you want to use it? 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, foreverprice + 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, or 1.5
commercial use - amounthow many items would you like to print? a few, small number, big number, a lot!0.1, 0.3, 0.7 or 1.0
If you have questions for the commercial use, let me know

The Rules

  1. I have bills to pay as everyone else, I feel a need to pay them to make up for what I consume, therefore, I don’t draw for free.
  2.  When you send me your request, I might ask for more detail, photos, descriptions. Leaving me hanging might lead to me making things up just to get it done.
  3. 50% of payment should be sent up front, after I receive the second half of the money, I will release a high resolution image of the work for you or send over the original, depending on your order.
  4. Licensing: I haven’t done that before although it’s in the portfolio. Let me know about inconsistencies, so we might not fight over them later.
  5. Be nice, and so will I, I’m a person behind a screen. Still let me know your thoughts, but if the thought is rude, frame it friendly.
  6. I will use all my work for reference on my website and social media. If you believe, your idea is so unique that it should be held a secret, I might request extra money for the loss of my free marketing.
  7. I will mention your name or the name of your company in my marketing if you want to, no extra fee required.
  8. Please let me know if I forgot something. I’m just human, I forget things.
  9. Yes, the prices are made to be able to upgrade, you can just order a sketch and have me upgrade it later and just pay the difference between the two prices.
    1. I also can colour, refine or digitalize some artwork you throw at me – To do that the artwork needs
      1. to be GNU licensed OR
      2. made by you OR
      3. you send a written agreement from the original artist, that you are allowed to pass on or modify the artwork.
      4. AND I will put that work on my website and social media for reference. For that I will require a written statement, that I’m allowed to do that.
  10. Once Colour or Lineart are added to a sketch, there is no turning back.
  11. Original sketches are cheaper than the original of the end product.